Roadmap to a Culture of Quality Improvement

A guide to leadership and success in local health departments

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Explore key topics in this roadmap below. It is recommended that these topics be reviewed in order by which each is referenced.

Change Management

  Change Management

The Roadmap to a Culture of Quality Improvement (QI Roadmap) is a change management tool designed to guide organizations through a process of transformational change to create a culture of quality improvement.
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Foundational Elements of a Culture of Quality
Elements of a Culture of a Quality Improvement Culture

Learn about the six foundational elements necessary to cultivate a culture of quality. The QI Roadmap framework is grounded in these critical concepts.
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Phases of a Culture of Quality
Phases of a Culture of Quality Improvement

Assess your organization against the six phases of a culture of quality to diagnose the current state and identify concrete strategies to integrate quality improvement into the fabric of your culture.
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Assess Your Current Culture

For a formal and more comprehensive assessment of your QI culture, download the Organizational Culture of Quality Self-Assessment Tool Version 2.0 to engage your leadership and staff in the QI assessment and planning process..
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Develop a QI Plan

Develop a Quality Improvement Plan

After assessing your organization, you will need to form a plan of action. Review example QI plans from local health departments (LHDs).
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Quality Improvement Resources

 Sources & Documents

Additional material related to QI and the topics covered in the Roadmap can be found here.
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