Logic Models in Public Health

A 10-minute overview that introduces logic models, shares steps to create them, includes public health examples and shares additional resources. .

Performance Measures in Public Health

An 8-minute review of how and when public health agencies should use performance measures..

Community Health Assessment Process

A 17-minute overview of the six phases of a community health assessment, including steps to selecting priority strategies.

Developing an Effective Performance Management System

An 11-minute overview of how to develop a performance management system at a local, state or tribal health agency, including two real world examples..

Using Control Charts

An 11-minute overview of how to use control charts to monitor, control and improve processes. 

Communicating with Data

A 13-minute video covering how to use tables and graphs as visual designs to communicate a story through data.

Using Run Charts

An 11-minute review of how to use run charts to detect patterns in observed data, including a real world public health example. .

Understanding Variation in Processes

A 14-minute review of the types of variation, why it's important to understand variation, and when and how to act on variation, .

Use these free webinars and presentations to build your agency's quality and performance management systems. Need more assistance from Centers for Excellence staff? Click on the "Contact Us" tab at the top right for more information.

Quality Management Overview

A 12-minute overview of quality management principles and the phases of creating a quality management system.


Check out our new "QI in Five" series of quick tutorials on this page. These brief webinars cover topics such as QI methods and tools, performance management models, community health assessment, strategic planning and much more!  You can view all 14 videos on this page or you can go to the Public Health Centers for Excellence channel on You Tube to find them.

"QI in Five" Topics include

Quality Improvement Methods and Tools
  • Quality Management Overview
  • Understanding Variation in Processes
  • Using Run Charts
  • Communicating with Data: Graphs and Tables
  • Using Control Charts

Performance Management
  • Developing an Effective Performance Management System
  • Performance Measures in Public Health

Health Assessment and Planning
  • Community Health Assessment Overview
  • Community Health Assessment Process: Six Common Phases
  • Community Health Improvement Plans: An Introduction
  • Community Engagement: An Introduction
  • Key Informant Interviews: An Introduction
  • Strategic Planning in Public Health Overview
  • Logic Models in Public Health

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